Disabling [Health] Checks


We are currently experiencing instant memory consumption issue with netdata agent.

We are currently using following netdata version.

netdata -v

netdata v1.18.1

We have investigated following link to reduce netdata’s memory requirements.

And we have performed some several tests by adjusting netdata.conf as adressed in the previous link.
We noticed that netdata agent’s memory usage reduced with %10 when we disable health check with following adjustment.

enabled = no

But, we wanted to discuss about this health check service. What functions of netdata is disabled when we disable the health checks ? How can we verify this functional changes about that are they effecting us or not ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, @kubilayodine.

v1.18.1 is ancient, the current stable version is v1.38.1. Consider upgrading.

Hi, @ilyam8,

We are currently working on installation of v.1.38.1. Thank you for your advice.

Let me repeat my question for that version. What functionalities are disabled when we disable “health” with netdata v1.38.1

Disabling health means disabling alarms and notifications.