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Is there a way to see what plugins are enabled?

I have a small bastion server I want to put netdata on, however it only has 512mb of ram and I see a lot of Out of memory: Killed process x (netdata) messages

This page suggest disabling plugins, is it assumed all plugins are enabled by default and you have to disable by uncommenting and setting to no for each you do not need?

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Yes. Python.d and Go.d plugins are enabled by default (they act as orchestrators for the various modules/collectors that we have). If you don’t need them, you will need to manually set to `no.

Moreover, if you need further optimisations, you can disable more collectors (such as proc) and reduce the RAM usage even further.

It would be very interesting to me to see how low overhead you can achieve with Netdata while it continues to give you value for your use-case. Do keep us updated!