how to enable a single metrics only?

I can read in docs how to disable particular metrics:

But it is completely unclear to me how can I enable only one metric, for example python.d/dovecot.conf keeping all other current and future metrics disabled?

Do I need to manually disable other python.d metrics one by one? In that case what will happen if a new version of netdata add another python.d metrics, will be it enabled by default and I would have to carefully watch upgrades?

you would need to disable all plugins you don’t need or want: Collectors configuration reference | Learn Netdata

that way you could disabled all other plugins, apart from python.d.

and then you may need to just customise the python.d.conf file to disable and default enabled python plugins and just leave the dovecot one enabled.

this chatgpt actually explains it well too Configure Netdata for Dovecot

Thank you, it was helpful, I need to disable all-in-one python.d plugins and enable only one which I need.

It was not clear from the documentation, but now is clear.