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pfSense Compatibility

Hi All,

Having a lot of issues getting Netdata to start on pfSense

Running 2.4.5 - I’ve installed the latest versions of every package listed on the pfSense installation page for Netdata via the official FreeBSD PKG repo.

All packages install, netdata will not start with the one start.

Checked status under service netdata onestatus, lists as not running.

Running 1.24.0 Netdata.

Any advice would be great!


There was a PR to automate the process of updating the docs, or to help users get a list of the most up-to-date packages, using a Bash script. The problem now is that you can’t curl anything on because they disabled it.

We probably need a committed pfSense user to help us update the install doc with some different and more maintainable commands.

pfSense is tricky, since those packages in the doc are always changing. We might need to either automate updating the list or find someone in the community who is committed to keeping those version numbers updated.

@mscaff, you might want to also check out this PR. It updates some of those package versions and includes some new information, which may be of value to you. We haven’t been able to merge the updated doc because I don’t know how to best validate whether a given package installs correctly.

You are referring to the Netdata pfSense installation guide, right?

If it doesn’t start, there’s probably something in the error.log, do you think you share that, especially if there are any errors there?