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Pfsense Netdata - No Side bar? -

Hey guys, my first time here.

Today i updated my pfsense installation and also installed netdata on my Lamp server.

As you can see, on lamp server is ok. Running Fine.
But on my pfsense the Netdata dont have a Side bar menu where i supposed to have login menu on cloud.

This is normal? This feature is not avaiable on Pfsense Freebsd installation ?

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This is a known issue that we have with a number of Netdata Agent packages. Basically, the packages don’t install the newer dashboard that can be found on netdata/dashboard.

It is still possible to do it manually, so I am going to return here with some instructions on how to do it.

That being said, we are internally discussing this on how to tackle it once and for all.

Thanks for the patience!