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Rational of not making general war room deletable?


Hi! what’s the rational / reason of not allowing the General war room to be deleteable?

It seems like a technical constraint that’s been set from your side.

Can we at least rename it?


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Thanks for the question @gr0g and welcome to our little community!

Tagging the @netdata-product for visibility :slight_smile:

@gr0g Thanks for using Cloud. The General is a War Room where all members of a space are in. It cannot be deleted.

Can you please elaborate on why you want to delete it or rename it?

Greets and thanks again for an awesome product!

In my case, I don’t want my users / members to drop into a default room… (this isn’t some kind of chat) I’d like each member to be specifically assigned to one or more rooms or none :slight_smile:

Design wise General also seems to be the “default room” ← can we add a flag to set which room is the default / main one?

It feels like there’s some technical constraint / decision that this is representing and I’m wondering if you even need it (first time I encounter it as user in your product)


@gr0g Thanks for the added context. Although I can’t speak about the product decision, this sounds like a topic appropriate for #feature-requests:cloud-fr

If enough people vote for it, perhaps the @netdata-product team will prioritize it.


@gr0g The rationale with having a General War Room is that it will be the main War Room where collaboration from all users within a Space can happen.

@Manos_Saratsis yep I get it - but its being forced on the user to have that defined. (not saying a good or bad thing, just noting that) (you guys decide :slight_smile: )

@OdysLam thanks! I’m happy to close this etc.
Thanks again folks!!

p.s: would be awesome to have a URL / link in the community email notifications back to the thread

@gr0g It cannot be deleted or renamed and we do not plan to offer the capability for now. Thanks for using Netdata Cloud!