Reclaim netdata container in a new space

Hi, everybody

I have two spaces in my netdata cloud. I want to transfer one of my servers to another space. but somehow I couldn’t. I’m getting the space docker-compose file I want to transfer, but it still works in the old space. can someone help, how can I bring another space my Server?

thank you

@Austin_Hemmelgarn what would be the equivalent of reconnecting a node via kickstart for docker?

Hello @s.oezkan, this action is not clearly documented, could you try the following?

  1. Exec into the container docker exec -it netdata /bin/bash
    **edited: **

    1. navigate under /var/lib/netdata
    2. remove cloud config rm -rf cloud.d
    3. remove unique id rm registry/
  2. Stop netdata container, docker compose down

  3. Delete netdata container

  4. Run the docker compose Install Netdata with Docker | Learn Netdata section with the TOKEN of the new space

You will still see the node as unreachable in the old space (we have temporarily disabled the functionality to remove obsolete nodes from the cloud, stay tuned).


i made a docker container exec and deleted the cloud.d file. The container stopped, then I deleted it.
i just ran docker-compose, but docker container is constantly just Restarting and not running.

why could it be?


Give me some time to double down on that.

as long as we can solve the problem, we don’t have a time problem

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Hi, @s.oezkan. Do the following:

  • run docker volume ls and find the lib volume, its name is USERNAME_netdatalib.
  • run docker compose down to stop the Netdata container.
  • run docker run -d --rm --name tmp -v USERNAME_netdatalib:/var/lib/netdata alpine sleep infinity (replace USERNAME_netdatalib with the actual volume name).
  • run docker exec -it tmp sh to enter the temp container
  • run rm /var/lib/netdata/registry/
  • exit from the container and run docker stop tmp

Now just run docker compose up to start the Netdata container, the problem should be fixed.

we were able. thank you all very much for your help. :pray: :raising_hand_man:

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