remove 'Home' tab?

Guys I love this system, but the Home tab you’ve just added to war rooms is a bit of a pain and not particularly pertinent information. I don’t think it adds much of value and it’s the default tab, when I really need to see Overview first so it involves a second click when going down my war room list. Is there a way to remove this tab or reassign it to 2nd priority or something?

hi @azimuthdynamics ,

Welcome to our forums and for sharing your feedback on Netdata.

The goal of this Home tab will be for it to be fully customizable. Users will be able to re-arrange stuff, remove and add stuff (charts, tables, etc.) maybe even pin a Custom Dashboard.

If you could add some information from Overview into the Home tab would it help, or do you see that you really need to have the full Overview as the first place you land? Asking because we also are keen to understand what would make the Home tab more useful.

Knowing that the above can take sometime we are reviewing internally the feature to allow the user to customize what should be his default tab.

Will share some feedback as soon as I have it.

Please keep sharing your thoughts and feedback, these are really the things that allows us to improve our product and meet your needs.


Hi Hugo

Thanks for the response.

Yeah I have a bunch of war rooms the servers in which are regional and subject to varying degrees of heavy load throughout the day so I use the Overview data to keep tabs on which region needs immediate attention.

If we can add overall CPU / network load into the Home dash that would be fine.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that under the “Nodes” tab the individual CPU load graphs/measure for each vps seems to have disappeared. That was a useful thing I used too :joy:

I have say 20 servers in a war room, sometimes one of them suffers a process fault or memory leak and that list is very useful to quickly identify which one needs a reboot.

This is otherwise fantastic software btw