Customize System Overview?

Is it possible to customize ‘System Overview’ in Netdata Cloud view?

I would like to get some specific things in system overview, and remove some of the things I don’t need.

Also is it possible toget things from the api that is not alarm relevant, like used/free disk space and used swap space and so on?

Best regards.

Hi @Monberg75 do you mean customizing within the different charts and sub sections you see inside the System Overview section in the table of contents? Or do you mean the summary charts that show up first thing at the top of the Overview tab?

Either way, currently this cannot be customized by users, but we are working on enabling customization.

I am curious to know which things you would remove or add to the section.

And for your 2nd question, could you be a bit more descriptive of which api you refer to and how you are using it?