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Renamed nodes still show old name in emails

After renaming a node in the config file, the UI (local and cloud) show the changed hostname but the email notifications for those nodes still contains the old hostname.

Waited a few days in case there was some delay but it did not help.

I’d expect that deleting and recreating the nodes would fix this, but am curious if there’s another way to fix it without losing historical data?

Hey @Chris

Thank you for taking the time to investigate and report to us. We are going to look into this issue.

For the fix you are asking:

It is possible to reclaim your agent by following the documentation Agent claiming · Netdata Agent | Learn Netdata. By deleting the cloud.d/ directory and claiming the agent, a new node will appear in the cloud as if you have created it from scratch.


@Leonidas_Vrachnis with reclaiming there will be no loss of historical data, correct?

@OdysLam Correct. The historical data is only stored on the agent node itself, not the cloud, and the reclaiming procedure does not touch any of it, so the process is non-destructive with respect to the historical data.

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