Repeated updates from docker pull command


Running netdata/netdata:latest in a docker container under Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS


Container appears to be working normally, the issue relates to updates.
I manually run “docker-compose pull” to update my containers, and every single time I run this, it downloads an updated version of the netdata container.
It appears that the last update was way back in May.
When I run the update check within the container, it tells me i’m on the latest version ( v1.31.0-427-nightly)

What I expected to happen

Nothing should be downloaded when I run the command unless there has been an update.
The knock on effect is every time that it downloads it takes up more disk space unnecessarily.

Hi, @StevePearson. The latest image is being updated every day if there are any changes in the netdata/netdata master branch (there are some almost every day).

Consider using v1 tag if you want to use stable version.