Send data from a netdata container to the underlying host's rsyslog.

Hi All,

We have netdata containers capturing metrics from underlying hosts and have the following question.


netdata container v1.31.0-403
RHEL8.2 host, rsyslog running on port 514

Configured settings in ‘health_alarm_notify.conf’


How can we send errors, alarms & even metrics from the containers to the underlying host rsyslog?

What I expected to happen

netdata logs, alarms & metrics appear in /var/log/messages


Hi, @John.

Docker has the syslog logging driver. Using it should do.

I see you have found Netdata has syslog notification methond and configured it. Does it work?

Not sure it is possible, unfortunately. Consider using any other supported by Netdata exporting connector.

Thanks @ilyam8, worked OK.

Just on the exporting connector, would netdata consider developing an exporter for Splunk?


Hi @John . What exactly you need to export? netdata collected metrics or netdata logs?

btw, we are thinking of developing a log collection, aggregation and querying feature in netdata and we need some help identifying an MVP. Would you be interested to help?

Hi @Costa_Tsaousis,

What exactly you need to export?

The netdata metrics via syslog at this stage, preferably in a key/value format. Something similar to Cisco’s CNR/DHCP activity output?;

02/15/2022 15:36:23 name/dhcp/1 Activity Server 0 05320 DHCP activity, 60s: Tot. Recd: 220, Tot. Sent: 174, Discovers: 67, Offers: 37, Requests: 141, Acks: 137, Nacks: 0, Rel.: 12, Decl.: 0, Informs: 0, Lease queries: 0, Bootp: 0 Exp.: 0, Dropped: 34 (DRL: 0), In use: Resp: 3, Req: 3, Acks/Second: 2.

we need some help identifying an MVP. Would you be interested to help?

Yes am interested as time permits.