Sending metrics to ElasticSearch via syslog-ng


I want to send both default and custom metrics from netdata to ElasticSearch, but I can’t use Graphite or Prometheus as stated in the docs. I looked for an alternative online and found a guide on how to do this via syslog-ng: link.

I like this approach and am trying to implement it.

I am first trying to store the metrics locally in a file, before starting to try to connect to elastic.

I have installed syslog-ng and have a working instance of netdata too, collecting custom metrics as well. However I can’t seem to get the metrics to be stored in a file following this guide above.

Could you give me a hand? Or guide me on how to implement something similar?

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Nvidia Jetson TX2 running on Ubuntu (L4T); Netdata version 1.33.1-217-gc380b984d

Hello @Inigo_Arribillaga,

This is a pretty old guide and not actually written by Netdata. I am not sure that this functionality is possible with any workaround at the moment. You can open a feature request for the Agent or an GH discussion to raise awareness about this feature.

OK that’s fine, thank you for your time.

I would like to ask you another question.

Can netdata write sampled data to a file, so that I can gather this info with for example filebeat?

This might help you

Netdata also ships, a script that can be used as a fallback exporting connector to save the metrics to disk and push them to the time-series database when it becomes available again. It can also be used to monitor / trace / debug the metrics Netdata generates.

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If you need you can also find this in our docs here - Exporting reference | Learn Netdata

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OK thanks I’ll check out your proposals.

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