Export Data to Splunk

Hi Team,

I really liked the Netdata Agent. Currently the agent sends data to Netdata cloud, whereas i was thinking is it possible that the agent can send data to Splunk directly?

I was reading and found that via Prometheus we could export, but was wondering if agent could directly send it to Splunk or if not possible in Splunk then to a syslog server or so?

Hey there, nice to have you here!

Can you describe a little bit your use case and why you wanna send data to splunk instead of using netdata cloud? And then we can explore the best options for you.


Hi Copi,

Thanks for replying.

Basically we have been using Splunk in our infra, we have also evaluated Telegraf, statsd and other metric agents. But Netdata Agents are awesome. Zero, almost absolutely zero config and the data is in Dashboards.

I was wondering if we replace the Splunk Agents with Netdata Agents and continue using Splunk for Dashboarding, Alerting, Reporting & Event Management could be an option?

Glad that you like our netdata agents! FYI, our netdata cloud is equally cool and free, have you tried it? You also get zero configuration, outstanding dashboards, alerting, ability to stream collected metrics to other nodes and much more.

You can give it a try now: https://app.netdata.cloud, feel free to connect as many nodes as you like.

P.S. For exporting please take a look here: Exporting reference | Learn Netdata