Sharing war rooms without sharing all nodes

I would like to share a war room with a client so they can see the status of the servers supporting their use of our product. I can create the war room and add the server nodes in question, but if I share that war room, all nodes are also shared with that user. The other nodes are specific to other customers and even the existence of those nodes is client sensitive information and should not be shared.

Is there a solution for this? Is it possible to restrict the nodes an invited user has access to? If not, is there a way to publish a dashboard in a way that my clients can see it without having access to nodes at all?

Thank you - great product.

Well, I have same problem too.
But I see no way to do this in one “Space”.
It works, if we make different spaces and nodes in separate spaces. ;-(

Hi. Following up on this. I recognize this is a feature that might fit in the paid plan, which I’d be happy to consider when rolled out. Not being able to securely share dashboards is a big challenge - I suppose I could create a separate account for each of my clients, but that would make it very difficult to monitor.

I assume there is not a way to send instrumentation to two accounts from one server? That could be an option - to mirror metrics to an account owned by my client.

Thank you - love the product.

Hi - bumping this. It seems when you invite someone you can share a specific war room, but by default it includes ‘all nodes’ and you can’t remove that. Either not requiring all nodes be shared and only allow access to nodes in a given shared war room or allowing you to pick nodes to share in an invite would pretty much solve the problem for me. As is, I can’t let clients see a dashboard for the servers we are managing for them because if invited they’d see the names and instances of all my clients.

Hi @tomtobin ,

Thanks for bumping this again, we are on our final stages for the release of what will be the Netdata paid plans - you can check more information on Netdata - Pricing

The Netdata Business plan will make available a role called Observer which is a Read only role, restricted to specific rooms so it won’t have access by default to the All Nodes room - as Administrator or Manager you’ll be able to explicit invite an Observer to it but it no longer be by default.

Hope this will help meet your needs.