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Warrooms not syncing with subuser


War Rooms and nodes created/added by a colleague are not show on my end and war rooms created by are not shown on his panel.


Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19043 Build 10943 - Microsoft Edge v91.0.864.64

What I expected to happen

I expect to see my colleague added nodes and war rooms to my war rooms page

Hey mate,
Maybe you have done these steps, but if I’m getting it right:
To be able to see the War Room of your colleague, he has to make one under your user space and then add you as a user (this is on the drop down on the upper left side.
If he adds you you should be able to see the War Room he made!

If I am missing something here, let me know, as far as I understand, he made a War Room and you can’t see it or access it.