Cannot see War Rooms


I recently started using Netdata and it is quite impressive.
I started using an free account and see all kind of metrics.
I am trying to create a setup fo my webservers and while searching I see a lot about War Rooms.
Now my problem:
I cannot see any War Rooms and cannot find any way to create them.
Ay help would be much appreciated.

My servers are running Debian 11 by the way


I tried everything and can only see “Rooms”.
Is that the same as “War rooms”?

Seems like it, it’s called Rooms on the web and War rooms in the app.

Maybe a change of terminology that hasn’t been completed? :man_shrugging:

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Thank you.
That makes sense.

Kind regards

Yes, changes have been done on the app but documentation hasn’t been fully reviewed.
In essence War Room = Room

Thanks for the info!