Show GPU instances at Node

My nodes server is showing each server’s GPU instances for multiple GPU management.
Today I note that the node chart is showing only one dimension, not all 8 GPU instances as attached image.
Could you give me if there is any solution for back to show 8 GPU instances?

Hi @Jaewon_Choi

This issue Show GPU instances at Node seems related.

Hello @Manolis_Vasilakis .
I think your reply doesn’t have full comment. (missing after ‘seems related’…
Could you check update your comment?

Hi @Jaewon_Choi

I just linked those two issues, in case they are related. We are trying to help to debug this, but I don’t have more information at the moment.

Edit: Sorry, meant to link this issue: [Bug]: nvidia-smi plugin not working with multiple GPUs · Issue #15057 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

The Nodes tab charts are aggregate charts. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have instances (e.g. GPUs.) as dimensions on them at the moment. @Jaewon_Choi the value represents the average GPU utilization on the node.

You can see individual GPUs metrics in the Overview if you change group by to instance.