Can't access each cpu core graphs anymore


Can’t access each cpu core graphs anymore

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Linux, Google chrome, v1.37.0-91-g6954b6f88

disable by default interfaces matching = veth*

        cgroups = no

        enabled = yes

        update every = 5
        memory mode = dbengine
        page cache size = 32
        dbengine multihost disk space = 512
        #deprecated below ?
        #dbengine disk space = 2048
        hostname = node#{$node->id} - {$node->description}
        bind to =

What I expected to happen

Before I could access each cpu core graphs. For example to look at softirq usage on each cpu core. Now I can’t Maybe I’m missing something

Hi, @ben. What do you mean by “Can’t access each cpu core graphs”? Do you use Cloud UI or the local dashboard (ip:19999)?

Looks like it works on local 19999 port

On netdata cloud I can’t access these graphs for each cpu core

In order to get per CPU core metrics you need to change “group by” to “core” (the default is “dimension”).

E.g. CPU interrupts

CPU utilization has no “cpu” label, it is a bug. Fixed in fix(proc.plugin): add cpu label to per core util% charts by ilyam8 · Pull Request #14322 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

Hmmm I’m trying to get each cpu core softirq %
For example core 1 doing 100% of softirq core 2 doing 0%
Basically In my previous screenshot it shows each core utilization and what kind of work it’s doing.