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Show inactive child nodes

Hi everyone,

I am runnign netdata in a Docker container and I have a few child nodes sending data to it.
I use the integrated DBengine to store my metrics.

However if the docker contianer is restarted, inactive child nodes are not visible in the dashboard anymore.
The historical data for these should still be there, but I can not view it.
Is there a way to look at historical data of inactice child nodes?

Hi @Schlaf, we have a pending feature request to add a new section to the node selection, which will show the inactive child nodes. The data is there, but when we initially showed all the inactive nodes in the list, the result was a mess of active and inactive nodes interspersed with each other, making it very hard to go through the active nodes.

You can’t actually see the child node’s charts today, even if you manually enter the old hostname in the URL, we’ll see what we can do about that.

I just learned actually that the feature has already been implemented and is under testing, so it will be in the next agent version!

Great news!
Tanks for your reply.