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Snapshot file format


I would like to create a snapshot file from a log file belonging to a process that cannot be monitored live. Netdata allows import of a snapshot, but I can’t find where the format of the file is defined. Is the snapshot file format available somewhere?


Hi @roelvaneck

Check Import, export, and print a snapshot page to get more info about Netdata snapshots.

What do you mean by a snapshot file from a log file? What are you trying to achieve?

My log file is from a simulation process that doesn’t run in real-time (it’s not meant to be run in real-time, and its execution time needs to be short). Thus it can’t be monitored in real time. I have access to a limited number of points in time between the start/end time of the simulation where events happened. So, basically I want to create a snapshot file of the data I have and import it into Netdata to analyze it after the fact.

There doesn’t seem to be any details with regard to formatting in the “Import, export and print a snapshot” page?

I hope that makes sense.