system_clock_sync_state on MacOS 12.2

Hi there,


Latest Netdata Agent is running in a docker container on MacOS (Docker Desktop).


Regarding system_clock_sync_state there should only be a system_clock_sync_state on linux - but there’s also one on my MacOS. Confusing?!
My agent tells me that there’s an “Alarm in system.clock_sync_state on 01/02/2022, 14:32:56” which isn’t getting ok.

What I expected to happen

Because I’m using Apple’s Time Servers and network-time is on, I would expect that this alert will vanish as soon as time is ok again:

# systemsetup -getusingnetworktime
Network Time: On

Please advice what I’m doing wrong or if my expectation is wrong or what Netdata Agent is doing wrong.


Hi, @thomasmerz. Docker runs in a secure, optimized Linux VM that runs Linux tools and containers on macOS. So if you install Netdata in a container on macOS you monitor that VM, not the host.

If you have homebrew installed:

brew install netdata

That seems to be damn right :+1:
Therefore I better should disable alarming. Thanks!