Trying to register a node from a QNAP NAS, but the netdata website gives a 404 error


I have installed Netdata to my QNAP NAS using a qpkg (QNAP package) from:

There is no documentation on the site. But it installs and opens the Netdata web interface.

There is an option in the web interface to sign in to the cloud, and presumably get this node registered.

THe URL it takes me to is:<ID TOKEN - removed by me> &name=StormNAS&origin=http <my private IP address for the NAS, only visible from inside my network>

But this registers a 404 error.

I appreciate that a package made by someone else is not in your area of support.

But I’m completely stymied, because I also cannot log into the cloud site because it is INSISTING that I create a Netdata install somewhere. I have done that, just not using the options its trying to present.

But there’s no way to get to anywhere to even try to enter an ID, for them to try to talk to each other…

And because its a QNAP package, none of the .sh or claim files are where the forums would reasonably expect them to be. eg /etc/ or /var

I’m tracking down where that should be…


QNAP NAS, Chrome

What I expected to happen

Some way of linking this node with the cloud

Sorry for the vagueness of this. I’m glad to be given a clue and I’ll go searching in that direction…

We really can’t help with a third party distribution. The version there appears to be 1.20, so it’s not going to work with the current cloud anyway. You can sign up to the cloud directly via, but it won’t do any good.

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I did a bit more digging. At the end of the day, QTS (the QNAP OS) is just Linux. So I would try the following:

  • First see if the standard single line installation with the kickstart script works. There’s a chance it will fail with the default options, but perhaps some option tweaking can make it work.
  • The installation method that should work everywhere but is not optimal is with the pre-compiled static binary, using
  • Of course there’s always install from source, but that does require a lot more time than the other options.
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