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Web_log_nginx.excluded_requests web log 1m unmatched

Hi to everyone! First of all, sorry if this isn’t right place to publish.
I’m newbie and this critical error use to appear.
How can I get the focus of this error?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @piroxi

First of all no worries, likely nothing is wrong with your webserver and we shouldn’t use critical level for this alarm.

It means that the parser fails to parse your logs, you should see it on charts - there is Excluded Requests chart.

Share some logs, will see (remove sensitive data from there is any).

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Thanks @ilyam8 for chiming in and welcome @piroxi on our community :slight_smile:

Ilya, do you think that we should move this topic to #support:agent-support? I can’t make up my mind.

thanks for welcoming ! I didn’t know where to post so I thought this section would be more correct.


The way I see it, you are asking for help in understanding a netdata alarm, thus this section appears appropriate. I will think about improving the about section, so as to make it more clear.

Thanks for the feedback and I hope you are all settled now.

Are you using Netdata at home or for professional reasons?

I think both categories will do, see no probems with moving the topic to the #support:agent-support

Thanks for your interest. I use netdata on a dedicated server for personal use.
Just starting, reading a lot & learning .

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That’s awesome! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

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I removed crit in