Alerts not being cleared in Pagerduty

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  • We are using the Netdata - Pagerduty integration
  • The alerts are never resolved on pagerduty
  • If I run test all 3 types get send correctly: WARN, CRITICAL, CLEAR
  • I have seen a similar thread in this forum (Not sending CLEAR to
    • I have made sure that this option (options: no-clear-notification) is not set in the alert configs I was using
    • I have set-up a minimal config and verified that the problem is still there
  • In my health_alarm_notify.conf I have set the clear_alarm_always='YES'
  • I have modified the to add some more debug info and, the script is never called when the alert is resolved in netdata

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

  • Netdata v1.44
  • Self hosted

Thanks for helping out.