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How to disable clear emails?


I’ve get some alarm notification via email when it get to warning or critical:

I also get this email when the alarm is resolved:

How do I disable this resolved/clear email message individualy?

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Hi @Gino_Schreuders

What do you mean by

disable this resolved/clear email message individualy

How is it supposed to work?

There was a request to add an option to disable clear/recover notification (add send_recover: yes/no alarm option), and we even found a solution how to implement it, but the requester lost interest and the request was closed.

Check the issue, is that what you want?

I mean what do I have to do to disable all clear notifications?
and how do I disable idividual clear notifications?

There is no such option at the moment, it is not possible to disable CLEAR notification globally and individually.

btw do you use Netdata Cloud email notifications?

Yeah the sendmail function

That sounds like you use Agent notifications :thinking:

Are your Netdata’s connected to the Netdata Cloud or not?

Yes, connected to the web interface.

Ok, unfortunately, there is no such option neither for Netdata Cloud or Agent.

I am not sure if there are any plans to implement something like that.

Let’s ask @Manos_Saratsis.

there is no such option neither for Netdata Cloud or Agent

Ok, it is possible to disable clear notification for Agent.

There is no-clear-notification option.

For instance, httpcheck_web_service_bad_content alarm uses that option.