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Change health metrics for specific target?

Hi guys, I want to change the default values from health.d/net.conf but for one NIC.
For example for device wg0 warn to be 10 (warn: $this >= 10) but for the rest of NICs to be as default.

template: inbound_packets_dropped
      on: net.drops
      os: linux
   hosts: *
families: *
  lookup: sum -10m unaligned absolute of inbound
   units: packets
   every: 1m
    warn: $this >= 5
   delay: down 1h multiplier 1.5 max 2h
    info: interface inbound dropped packets in the last 10 minutes
      to: sysadmin

Thank you @Thiago-Marques-0

Hi @igoshin ,

The alarm you want to change is a template and it applies for all alarms with the same context net.drops, if you want, you can create a specific alarm for one chart specifying alarm instead template and using the chart name net_drops.wg0 instead the context.

Best regards!

Hi, @OdysLam excuse me for the late response. I’ve looked through link documentation but it is still unclear to me. Yes, I do have the chart for that NIC but still, I not sure how can help me thins.

Hey @igoshin,

Welcome to the community. Basically, what we really want is to see how different NICs are displayed in the dashboard. Can you find the specific chart of the NIC that you are interested?

Relevant documentation: