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Claimed node regularly unreachable or unresponsive


I successfully claimed a node (no errors) and have been able to view it in Netdata Cloud account assigned to appropriate war room. However, a good portion of the time I get errors about the host being unreachable and/or the web app is unresponsive. However, the direct to IP dashboard works flawlessly. Metrics are responsive and consistently update. Need assistance on where the issue may be and how to troubleshoot.

Also, I do see the following error on occasion 10s_ipv4_tcp_resets_sent<small> average TCP RESETS this host is sending, over the last 10 seconds


Browser Chrome Version 88.0.4324.104
Server Debian 10
Running an Etherum staking node

Please try again @DK.mpls , we just spent the past 4 hours troubleshooting some very strange behavior that would affect exactly what you mentioned. It didn’t affect everyone, but I think it’s the cause of what you saw.

If you are still experiencing some issues, restart your agent so that the connection is reestablished and you should really have no problems now.

@Christopher_Akritid1 things are looking good now! Thanks for getting back to me.

Thank you Chris for replying to the user right away!

FYI guys we’re still not out of the woods. We’re still seeing some strangeness there and some users will occasionally be getting timeouts. Its affects something like 4% of all requests and the proper solution isn’t trivial, so we’re still working on it. An agent restart MAY resolve the situation, but it’s serious enough for us to put something on our status page.