Cloud not receiving metrics although accessible on 19999


I got a weird issue. I dont see the metrics in the cloud, although 19999 is working and the API too.

"cloud-enabled": true,
	"cloud-available": true,
	"aclk-ng-available": true,
	"aclk-ng-new-cloud-protocol": true,
	"aclk-legacy-available": false,
	"aclk-implementation": "Next Generation",
	"agent-claimed": true,
	"aclk-available": true,

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hey Timo, what do you mean you cannot see metrics in cloud? Do you navigate to single node view of cloud app and charts show no data? Are there any charts displayed at all? Do you get any errors in the browser console or network?

Also, can you share more info about how you connected (claimed) the agent to the cloud?

Hi @Timo_W ! Is this Cloud doesnt receive metrics · Issue #13326 · netdata/netdata · GitHub the same as this issue? I have added a reply there, if you want to check. Thanks!