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Added resources are not visible in the cloud


We have recently been adding some additional resources to our NetData agent VM and all are indeed visible on-premises but, not the in the cloud site. We can see the System Overview and all the agent’s metrics in the cloud site but, not the other additional resources added.

Please advice.

Wow!! Excellent stuff.

Hi @nitsan-reznik

can you please install the latest version of the agent? We have fixed an issue that relates to your problem.

Hey Nitsan,

This is a known bug, please bear with us as we try to pin it down and fix this.

Just to be sure, you can see the dashboard charts on the agent, but not through the cloud. Is that right?


Hi @nitsan.reznik

Could you give us an update on whether you can successfully monitor your resources now?


After updating the agent to the latest version, the resources are again not visible through the cloud.

@nitsan.reznik We are very sorry that you are experiencing this.

Can you please try to reclaim the node?

We are working hard to improve the quality of our Netdata Cloud services, so your feedback is more than valuable. Thank you for bearing with us :v:

Reclaiming isn’t necessary, a restart (which already happened with the update of the agent version) sends all the information on collected data to the cloud. @nitsan.reznik which view is it that you’re having problems with? Individual node, Overview Screen, Nodes List?