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SNMP data won't appear in detailed metrics, but they're on the dashboard

I recently added a SNMP collector ( to a node but don’t know how to make it show up in Netdata Cloud. I can see it fine via the node’s local webserver but it’s not in the cloud’s detailed list. Locally I have a new “SNMP switch” item with a “ports” child group, as specified in my config. In the cloud my metrics list goes right from Users to Sensors with no SNMP switch in-between. I tried to look for a way to update the metrics being streamed to the cloud, I restarted netdata, and I refreshed my page.

I know the SNMP metrics are actually available to the cloud because I was able to add the sensor to my node’s dashboard. I just don’t see it in the detailed metric view.

Does anybody know how to get it to show up?



The bug should have been :skull: by now. Can you please check and verify that everything works as expected?


Thanks @OdysLam. I’ll keep an eye out for those and I always enjoy looking for new questions I can help with in the communities!

Hey @alankprice, actually there is a bug :bug: that we have pinned down and working towards a fix. We are rolling a number of AWESOME new features, so these kinds of things tend to cause a regression or two. Thanks for bearing with us and giving us all these details. I will make sure that the find their way to the engineering team!

Please do hang around in our little community, help a user out or just shoot me up with more question

Take care :bowing_man:‍♂

Hi @OdysLam.
Yes, that’s pretty much it. The particular chart is visible on the local dashboard but not via the Cloud “details” (as I call it).

However, I just signed in to double-check and it’s there today. There was (is?) some kind of delay between the sensor showing up on the device and fully registering in Cloud -OR- perhaps the layout was being badly cached in the local browser. I was able to add it to the dashboard immediately but not see it in the details page.



SNMP switch was missing for a few hours when I originally posted this, but something has changed or fixed itself since Saturday night. I was just really confused, as a brand-new user, about why I could get it on the dashboard right away but not the detailed historical view page.

So it looks like there’s no problem after all! Always the easiest fix.



Just to be super clear, you have access to the charts via the local dashboard, but the same charts can’t be found when you access Netdata Agent via the Cloud dashboard. Am I correct?

BTW, Welcome to our community :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you find a thread that is of interest to you, don’t think about it. Just jump in and share your thoughts, you will probably help a fellow user a lot! :v: