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Reporting metrics for remote "dumb" hosts (printers, switches, etc) - seperate "node"?

I’m evaluating Netdata Cloud as a potential replacement for my LibreNMS setup. In that system, devices monitored by SNMP are added as seperate hosts with the metrics which were collected. I’ve managed to set up SNMP through the node plugin on one of my hosts, but I see these metrics (for example, printer toner level) are only available as a metric as a part of the host that collected the metric. Is there (or is there planned?) a way to have my netdata node report the health of another node, so that for example my switches can all appear as nodes, seperate from the node which is collecting their data (and reporting its own CPU/memory/etc)?


Hey Alastair,

Thank you for the question. Although we plan to migrate the SNMP plugin to Go, so that we can easily develop it further, we don’t plan to focus on SNMP at the moment. We are sorry, but as you know, the focus is of paramount importance. We hope that the features that will be implemented, will be well worth the discomfort that we may have caused with our SNMP support.