Newbe questions

I have some questions about Netdata.

  1. Netdata doesn’t have a centralized configuration. All nodes need to be configured separately. If I need Notifications to Telegram or another channel, I need to configure all nodes separately.
  2. For monitoring SNMP devices I need to install a Netdata instance with configured SNMP collector?


Hi @1113

  1. Yes, correct. With the exception of the cloud-based email notifications.
    You can configure each node using config files. I use Ansible for this purpose and you can find a bunch of stuff on Github to get you started.
    GitHub - netdata/ansible: Official Ansible playbook for installing Netdata.

If you do get stuck then let us know.

  1. Correct. You will then get an “snmp” node under the overview for that node.
    So you don’t need a node dedicated to SNMP collection as it’s just parasitic on the node.
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