Connecting client to cloud space with out kickstart

I have Opnsense that has NetData plugin running.
I was previously able to connect it to cloud when it took me to dialog where I needed to get key from netdata_random_session_id file.
I had each client on its own space and started to move all under same space.
This client now says offline and I cannot find way to add it to new space.

If I have understood correctly running kickstart would install NetData and I dont consider it as option to have it live outside of Opnsense plugin system.

Any other ways to connect?

Hi @Aki

So you had this particular agent connected to the cloud at some point?

I’m not sure how the package of opensense of netdata works, but check if it contains a script.

If it does, you can pass it the token and rest of the data you find in the cloud, and it will claim the agent for you, e.g. --claim-token XXXXXXX --claim-rooms XXXXXXXX --claim-url