[OPNsense] Connect agent to netdata cloud fails with "Install type: custom"

After installation of netdata in OPNsense using the plugin os-netdata (or net-mgmt/netdata) I want to connect this agent to Netdata Cloud.

Based on this installation instruction I run this command:
curl https://my-netdata.io/kickstart.sh > /tmp/netdata-kickstart.sh && sh /tmp/netdata-kickstart.sh --claim-token -<token> --claim-rooms <room> --claim-url https://app.netdata.cloud

This fails with following error:
ABORTED Found an existing netdata install at /usr/local, but the install type is 'custom', which is not supported, refusing to proceed.

Verifying installation type is confirmed:

# netdata -W buildinfo | grep 'Install type:'
Install type: custom

How must I proceed to connect an agent to netdata cloud with this installation type?

Unfortunately you can’t use the netdata package from OPNsense repository with Netdata cloud. It’s built without support for this option. You can see it by yourself using the command

netdata -W buildinfo

I don’t know the reasons for this decision; trying to find the port maintainer.

I’d suggest you to

  • build netdata agent package from the ports on FreeBSD (do not forget to turn on the cloud support during configuration);
  • copy the package to your OPNsense and install it with pkg add;
  • claim it using netdata-claim.sh -token=My_Token -rooms=My_Rooms -url=https://app.netdata.cloud


Moving this thread under “Help” category, this may interests many other users.