opnsense with netdata cloud?

Is there a way to install agent node for opnsense to upload to cloud or reconfigure the os-data plugin to work with netdata cloud? The install script fails. Seems other have tried and the threads just end with no solution. So I am assuming they just moved on to a different product that supports it.

New to this project, I like the design and look, but so far this will be by biggest hangup is monitoring opnsense.


Hey there!

From what I remember the plugin was able to properly install netdata except the (sad) fact that had cloud disabled, right?

It might be possible to make it work with our kickstart one-line installer, what were the reported errors when you tried it? Can you post the relevant logs? If all dependencies are met, in theory it should work.

this is the error that pops up when trying the onliner:

ABORTED  Unable to find usable claiming script.

The thing is that we can’t build there since there is no build infra provided so I guess we can only check with the package maintainer: plugins/Makefile at stable/22.1 · opnsense/plugins · GitHub

I just found this thread after checking if anything had changed from a few months ago.

To add to the thread here, I emailed the maintainer at the address in the plugin back in March and this was his reply:

“I think Cloud support was removed in build process as there was too much unasked call-home data.”

Cloud could be enabled and the --disable-telemetry flag could be used to turn off telemetry if maybe that’s what the maintainer is talking about.

I think we may have mentioned already to the maintainer (or I may be getting confused with a different maintainer with similar concerns, it is common enough) but it could be nice coming from a user maybe too.

Oh actually im wrong above, disable telemetry refers to the local agent dashboard and agent backend events. So it’s only then if/when a user was to claim to cloud then user has to accept the cloud TOS which have more typical telemetry so we can understand how users are using the cloud product.

So I think it would still make sense for the maintainer to not disable cloud but then also use --disable-telemetry

That way default installs would have no telemetry but users would be able to claim to cloud and then in doing that they themselves can decide to accept the cloud TOS or not and so only then once using cloud then things like pageviews and click telemetry events would come in as users just use the cloud app.

Just wanted to correct what I said above as think it could have been misleading.

I’d be happy to help figure out if any way forward if you want to cc me on the email with the maintainer we can see if any way forward or not maybe, I’m andy@netdata.cloud

I figured it might be good for me to do that since he’s seen my email address somewhat recently. You are also CC’d on the thread (after forgetting to add you on the first reply… oops!)

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