Difficulties building a statically-linked agent.

Hi all. New to Netdata and I’m running into something I can’t seem to get around. Curious if anybody has any pointers. My overall goal is to build a statically-linked binary of the agent that I can install on a tinycore linux vm/guest


I’ve got a buildhost with docker installed. I execute the build instructions and it fails with:

checking ACLK Next Generation can be built... no
configure: error: You have requested --with-cloud but ACLK can't be built. See reasons in lines above
 ABORTED  Failed to configure Netdata sources. 
 ABORTED  Netdata failed to build for an unknown reason. 
Build failed.[root@voidbuild netdata]# 

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

The static build directions located athttps://learn.netdata.cloud/docs/installation/installation-methods/static-binary-packages.

I also found this post which seems relevant in some manner, but I’m not positive.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Void Linux buildhost. Netdata agent v1.38.1 (also new to git, but I assume my ‘clone’ command grabbed the latest as I didn’t specify)

What I expected to happen

I expected the build to finish and create a .run file I could copy to my tinycore guest and execute.

Any thoughts or pointers appreciated. Thx!


Hi @drewym !

A couple of questions, are you using our packaging/makeself/build-static.sh script to do it?

Also, since you mentioned that you cloned the repository, then after the clone, have you done a git submodule update --init --recursive ? This is required to fetch and build some dependencies, like e.g. protobuf which is required for ACLK.

If you continue having issues, please post the whole part of the configure output.

Thank you!

Hi Manolis. Thank you for the response. I thought I closed this thread off, but I guess not. Yes, I’m using the provided build-static.sh script.

It also turns out I’m a noob with git. :wink: Once I ran the ‘submodule’ command to git that you mentioned in your response above the deps installed everyting built just fine.

I’m onto a different issue getting the agent to install, but this is something funky in the tinycore distro. Using my manually built agent on voidlinux it runs just fine. I’m still triaging this issue and I’ll open a new thread here when I get further. Thx again! :smile:

No problem, glad it helped! Indeed, do let us know if you need any more help!