excluding metrics to backend with regex


I’m monitoring a docker host, and send my charts to a graphite time series db.

When i build docker images, a docker image with a random name runs temporarily.


I was thinking, perhaps i can exclude all containers that have a underscore in the name.
The graph is named like:


There will always be a underscore, so i don’t want a underscore, after cgroup_
I came up with: !cgroup_*\_*.

In the documentation only is mentioned that you can use *.

Am i right that we cannot use regexes for selection of metrics we want to send ?
I have tried numerous options, none seem to work.

This is my config right now.
send charts matching = disk_space.* disk.* cpu.* system.* net.* mem.* sensors.* mdstat.* !cgroup_*\_*. cgroup*

You are right. You can use only simple patterns. That’s because of performance reasons.