Functions Capabillity of Windows Server is Off.

Windows Server is now stating that the functions capability is off, when it was working the previous day.

1.) Verified that windows exporter is running on said server, and that metrics are being outputted to http://localhost:9182/metrics

2.) Ran sudo ./edit-config go.d/windows.conf from the /etc/netdata/ directory, and verified that said server was entered correctly as a job.


3.) Created a new guid for said server using the PowerShell command New-Guid, and added to the virtual nodes config file in /etc/netdata/vnodes/vnodes.conf

  • hostname: win_server1

4.) Restarted the netdata service with service netdata restart, and restarted the windows-expoerter service on said windows server.

  1. The following day, the said windows server now shows that the functions capability of the said windows server is off.

At this time, I am currently looking for documentation on how to correct this error.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @ryan.dahlberg ,

Welcome to the Netdata Community forums and raising your questions

The fact the Functions is off for windows servers is the correct behaviour if you look to the current available functions these are suported by the apps.plugin and ebpf.plugin . since windows servers are currently remotely monitored these plugins only run on the UNIX server monitoring the windows ones

if you check our Windows demo room - Netdata Console

The Processes function is only available on the netdata-parent node which is the UNIX machine monitoring the other two windows machines, which are mapped to the virutal nodes ms-exchange-server and ms-active-directory

not really sure why/how the windows machines were reporting functions as ON previously, probably some metadata sync timing between the agent reporting information on the nodes (including the virtual ones and Cloud)

P.S.: This answered is copied from the thread on discord Discord