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./ Permission denied

/etc/cron.daily/netdata-updater: line 225: ./ Permission denied

/tmp is mounted as noexec on CentOS 7.

Any workaround for this? Thanks

if i edit won’t work because this file will be replaced somehow. So in the end i define TMPDIR in ~/.bash_profile, and source this profile while running custom cron.

0 * * * * source ~/.bash_profile; /usr/libexec/netdata/

cron.daily]# ./netdata-updater
Wed Nov 18 14:56:56 +08 2020 : INFO: Running on a terminal - (this script also supports running headless from crontab)
Wed Nov 18 14:56:57 +08 2020 : INFO: Current Version: 00102600000207
Wed Nov 18 14:56:57 +08 2020 : INFO: Latest Version: 00102600000207
Wed Nov 18 14:56:57 +08 2020 : INFO: Newest version (current=00102600000207 >= latest=00102600000207) is already installed

i assume this works?
I still receiving /tmp permission denied email though, that should be the script running at cron.daily which doesn’t work. Any way to disable auto updater?

Is there an open issue in the github repo? I couldn’t find one.

Back then we had that problem and it was fixed in, but a lot of had changed since then, could be we reverted those changes duriing refactoring or something

@ethaniel86 , if this works for you, please let us know.

Best regards!

alright thanks for the update. For the time being i’ll just apply workaround to updater. Let’s monitor.

export TMPDIR=/root/netdata/tmp

Hello @ethaniel86 ,

As @OdysLam said, this is a problem that we are working to fix. On CentOS 7 in normal situation it is not allowed to run any script inside /tmp, and some users decided to disable noexec on it, but this can also be a security problem. We will need to change our installation script to use a different directory to run the updates.

Best regards!

Hey @ethaniel86,

There is an active issue: which might be related. Please be patient as I speak with our engineers, they should be back here to reply promptly!

cc @Austin-Hemmelgarn