Notifications Bearer Token Header format and response requirements

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Currently there is no pre-packaged option for Google Chat notifications, so im trying to build out a solution using AWS API Gateway with Lambda functions to handle the Challenge Secrete as well as the Bearer Token. the issue im running into is with the Bearer Token and understanding how the headers are structured as well as the required response needed for both a successful auth as well as a un-successful auth.

i was able to successfully implement the Challenge secrete utilizing an AWS Lambda function as the documentation clearly states whats needed both in the headers as well as the response. if i remove the Bearer token and just utilize the Challenge secrete, everything works perfectly. however, this leaves my POST request to Google Chat vulnerable (i know its minimal) and i would like to incorporate additional security with the Bearer Token.

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Unfortunately, the documentation with respect to utilizing AWS Lambda for authentication does not exist that i can find.

hi @wmunsell, thanks for contacting us.

The recommended way is to use mutual TLS. It’s the safest option, so if you can set it up, we strongly recommend you to use this method. In the documentation page you have instructions about how to set it up.

If you still want to use the bearer token authentication method, on each notification request we will add the following header:

Authorization: Bearer {token}

Where {token} is the value of the token you provided when configuring the webhook integration.