Settings & similar things

Created an account, created node, works well for what I want / need.
Created Dashboard with graphs that I find useful. Works, but:

  • !!! Graphs ( when placed 50/50 in row ) overlaps ( CSS ),
  • Settings of Dashboard. Where is a link to it? Or how can be accessed via http route?

Hi @wlisikpl ,

Welcome to our forums and hope we are able to help you.

In order to better understand your use case, this issue you are facing is on Netdata Agent or Netdata Cloud?

I’m sharing some documentation references in advance in case they help you:

  • Netdata Agent the way to create dashboards is using some HTML to create your dashboard page, you can see our documentation here with some examples - Custom dashboards | Learn Netdata
  • Netdata Cloud you have a tab called “Dashboards” which you can use to customize a dashboard adding charts from your node(s) - Build new dashboards | Learn Netdata

Let me know if this helped you and/or if there is some additional support you may need.


Hi @wlisikpl, you already have a call scheduled with Chris, so we’ll consider this issue closed. I advise you to follow the community rules and moderate your language when addressing someone within the Netdata Community. Thank you very much and have a nice day.