web_log_1m_unmatched alerts after recent update

I did the updates for ~10 server (Ubuntu 20.04) and for one server I see the alert from time to time.
I have read the information here web_log_1m_unmatched
But I don’t think that something in the log format is changed. All servers are configured via the same server panel and all servers are hosted via the same provider.

Any idea why this might happen? It’s very random sometimes twice a day and then no alert for ~2 days.


What version are you on now, latest stable 1.35.1 or on nightlies?

I’m using this version: v1.35.0-153-nightly (I didn’t choose the nightly version)

I think it’s now more than 3 days ago that one of my services has got this alert.
Maybe it’s solved by a recent (nightly) update?

:frowning: Today again one server with those alerts.

Hello @finalwebsites, could you check the *.excluded_requests chart of the node in question, then cross reference the time frames you see these spikes with your timestamped logs in the access.log of your webserver. (This is just to help us identify which logs trigger this alert)

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Tasos_Katsoulas
I checked several spikes from last night and all of them look like regular traffic (between these spikes is also bot traffic). Does this help?