Issue with Drive Detection while Installing Windows 11 on My Laptop

Hello fellow forum members,

I hope you’re all doing well. I recently encountered an issue while attempting to install the new version of Windows 11 on my laptop, and I’m seeking some guidance from the community.

Here’s the problem I’m facing:

When I start the installation process for Windows 11, everything seems to go smoothly until I reach the stage where I need to select the drive to install the operating system. Unfortunately, my laptop is unable to detect any drives, and therefore, I’m unable to proceed with the installation.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I have attempted so far:

I have tried updating the drivers for my storage devices to ensure that they are compatible with Windows 11. However, this hasn’t resolved the issue.

I checked for any available BIOS updates for my laptop and installed the latest version. Unfortunately, this did not help in detecting the drive during the installation process either.

I used the official Windows 11 compatibility tool provided by Microsoft, and my intel core vpro laptop meets all the system requirements. Hence, the issue doesn’t seem to be related to hardware compatibility.

I’m uncertain about the cause of this problem, and I’m hoping that someone in the community has encountered a similar issue or has some insights into resolving it. If you have any suggestions or troubleshooting steps that I could try, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Additionally, if there are any specific BIOS settings or configurations that I might be overlooking, please let me know. Any guidance or advice you can provide would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!